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Who is Kerrie Paterson?

Hi, I'm Kerrie Paterson, a roving writer.

I'm an Australian romance and women's fiction author. My stories are usually set in Aussie small towns with a cast of heartwarming characters. My hero and heroine are generally older / mature than many romances - I write characters in their 40s, 50s and beyond.

I'm also a freelance writer.

Why 'roving'?

In November 2021, the culmination of several years of planning finally happened - I moved into my small motorhome and hit the road. At that time, my job was remote, I was an empty-nester and renting. I couldn't see the point of sitting staring at the same four walls when I could be out there seeing this amazing country.

I love the lifestyle and don't regret a thing!

Why do I write mature / later-in-life characters?

I believe that the excitement and magic of falling in love isn't reserved for the young. Older characters often come with extra 'baggage' of past relationships, kids, grandkids etc, and at the same time, are also often caring for aging parents.

It can take a leap of faith to take the chance on a new love - but they deserve it!

Want to know more?

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