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Elsie's Place

A renovation with a shocking twist!


Pat, a 60-year-old widowed school principal, inherits a run-down historic house in Newcastle from her friend Elsie. On leave after a distressing incident at work, she dives into fixing up the place with the help of two new friends: Susan, an architect whose longing for a baby is threatening her marriage, and Lauren, a single mum who's putting aside her own goals for a steady job. Things heat up when Pat hires Andy, a hotshot restoration expert, to help out.


But their project is plagued by creepy phone calls and break-ins, and a shocking discovery causes unforeseen repercussions.


Caught between the needs of her mother suffering from dementia and the demands of her adult children, Pat has to learn to put herself first to save her new life and her new love.

Available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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